A Guide to Cannabis Perimeter Security

Protect Cannabis Operations with Perimeter Security

As the legal cannabis industry continues to expand, it becomes increasingly important to protect grow ops, greenhouses and dispensaries against theft, vandalism and sabotage. Cannabis is a lucrative commodity, and many dispensaries operate as cash businesses, making the entire cannabis supply chain an enticing target for criminals.

Not only do cannabis producers need smart security strategies to prevent loss, but some regions require advanced perimeter security as part of cannabis licensing approval. Though the laws within the industry vary from state-to-state, good security best practices can go a long way to meet the spirit of the regulations. For instance, in Canada, there is a requirement for 100% perimeter intruder detection coverage, 100% of the time, in all weather conditions.

Like all good security approaches, protection starts at the perimeter, and cannabis sites are no different. While physical barriers like a fence can act as a deterrent, many cannabis firms are adding a layer of intrusion detection that sends alarms in real time to help stop an intruder in the act. For example, if someone can get over a fence undetected at night, they’re able to do a lot of damage, and quickly – since there are no doors or windows to slow them down.

Control Access to Grow Areas

As a result, many cannabis companies and the security dealers that serve them are turning to smart thermal solutions, and for good reason. Smart systems like thermal SightSensor HDs detect intruders with high reliability in the dark, daylight and through bad weather, and can blanket even a large outdoor grow site with automated awareness. They reduce response time because the source of the detection inherently includes visual details to quickly assess the threat.

These systems also provide early warning buffer zone detection under all conditions and at all times, which match the spirit of many regulations.

Low False Alarms and Maintenance Records

One of the foundational requirements for effective outdoor security is low nuisance alarms, which can be difficult to achieve outdoors. Small animals, blowing debris and bad weather can reduce detection reliability, while triggering an abundance of unwanted alarms. Research shows that 94-99% of all police physical responses to alarms are false1. Nuisance alarms come with a high price – they reduce trust in the security systems and can add to costs when security operators must manage unnecessary signals.

Further, some cannabis regulations require documenting alarms, which can quickly drive-up management costs across the entire supply-chain. While the amount and types of record-keeping can vary by jurisdiction, reducing the quantity of data to keep it organized and retrievable is key to managing costs.

This is where smart solutions can play a role. Products like SightSensor HDs employ electronic stabilization and geospatial technology to reduce nuisances from wind and small animals. They include innovative Dual Sensor Video Analytics that compare detection results from both thermal and visible in real time, improving detection performance under difficult outdoor situations and greatly reducing nuisances. And they combine thermal detection with color verification in a single device, delivering key details to understanding the nature of the threat as it unfolds.

Making Cannabis Perimeter Security Reliable and Easy

At SightLogix we understand that outdoor security applications are challenging. That’s why our systems are built for high performance and ease of use, with an intuitive interface that lets you set up sophisticated video analytics in minutes,  auto-calibration, and one-click video analytic rules.

We also offer the web-based perimeter design tool SightSurvey that lets you design a smart camera layout right in your browser, on any site. SightSurvey helps you pick the right lens, showcase detection fields of view, ensure that blind spots are covered, and provide all the materials needed for a comprehensive design.

Secure Your Site with SightLogix

Cannabis companies deal with the most difficult security challenge – protecting assets outdoors.  These organization trust SightLogix for superior performance in the most demanding conditions. This means:

  • Unmatched analytic detection that won’t miss intruders or trigger excess nuisance alarms
  • Early warning of intruders over large areas and perimeters
  • Dual-video thermal and visible systems that provide a layered solution you can trust 24/7/365
  • Built-in stabilization for reliable detection in the presence of wind or vibrations
  • Operation in complete darkness without expensive lighting and infrastructures

See How It Can Work for You

SightLogix invites you to learn more about our cannabis security solutions, and how Aurora Cannabis  protected their grow sites with SightLogix.

Learn More about SightLogix Cannabis Security or start with the SightLogix Cannabis Security Webcast

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