Design a Perimeter Security System: SightSurvey Makes It Easy

Design A Perimeter Security System With SightSurvey

SightSurvey is a web-based design tool that helps integrators, specifiers, and other security professionals easily create an outdoor intruder detection design around an actual site. SightSurvey is a free tool for designers, A&E’s, consultants, integrators and security professionals to model a SightLogix smart camera system on any outdoor site and compare the value against alternatives.

SightSurvey Quickly Creates An Intruder Detection Design

SightSurvey has an easy-to-use interface that utilizes Google Maps to get accurate mapping of your site. Once you have the location determined, SightSurvey allows you to start plotting your intruder detection design. Typical security issues, like camera blind spots and intruder detection areas, are easily determined to identify areas of vulnerability or coverage gaps.

Benefits of Using SightSurvey

  • Gain a close approximation of the final design requirements before you visit to walk the area and confirm camera placements. Have information ready to go BEFORE a client meeting and without the costs associated with a site visit.
  • Set pole height and ensure sure blind spots under the camera are protected – SightSurvey automatically picks the right lens for you. Even large facilities such as construction sites, airport perimeters, rail yards and seaports can be designed in a few minutes.
  • Plan the number of cameras and their optimal placement and determine a camera’s detection range for different sized objects, such as a person versus a vehicle.
  • Compare the number of cameras required for effective video intrusion detection around your facility.
  • The easy-to-use interface allows you to create an outdoor intruder detection design on the web without training or expensive software.

Designed for Ease of Use

As a web-based design tool that uses the Google Maps interface, SightSurvey makes it extremely easy to place SightLogix cameras on your actual site and provides a project quote and camera count. All you need to do is drop, drag, and download to create a nice customer facing document with all the details of the design, including images for a visual presentation.


What to Try SightSurvey?

Are you an integrator, specifier, or other security professional that wants to try out the SightSurvey tool for yourself?

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