SightLogix Announces Dual-Sensor Video Analytics for Superior Outdoor Intruder Detection

Princeton, NJ (April 22, 2020) – SightLogix introduces a breakthrough in outdoor security that analyzes detected targets from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy and reduced false alarms. Dual Sensor Video Analytics (DSA) is a major step forward for making a smart video system into a reliable, 24-hour security solution.

Two eyes are always better than one, especially when they can see different things. Thermal video has long been recognized as an excellent human detector because it sees in the dark and ignores weather, shadows and reflections. At the same time, there are situations during the day where visible video can also detect with high reliability, while offering important scene details to assist analytic decision making. By comparing the activity of each independent sensor concurrently, DSA detects, rejects and validates thermal and visible activity in real-time, delivering a highly trusted security result.

“Outdoor detection is the pillar on which we built our company,” said John Romanowich, president and CEO of SightLogix. “DSA gives our customers what they value most – the best intrusion detection, day and night.”

Effective immediately, all SightSensor HD dual-video cameras ship with DSA technology. Existing SightSensor HDs can be updated to DSA using the latest firmware.

We invite you to learn more about our Dual Sensor Video Analytics to see how they can provide effective protection for your site.

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