SightSensor smart thermal cameras detect, analyze and communicate real-time intruder activity over perimeters and outdoor sites. With powerful onboard processing, SightSensor’s use integrated SightLogix video analytics to detect with great reliability and low nuisances alerts over large distances.

SightSensors are available as thermal-only cameras and dual-imager thermal and color systems.

The system operates as standalone smart thermal cameras or in conjunction with third-party PTZ cameras which are automatically steered by a SightTracker.

SightSensors are fixed, IP-based thermal cameras with embedded video analytics powered by a high degree of video processing.

SightSensors detect intruders that violate rules that you have defined, placing a red box and tracking them through the field of view. By tightly integrating the imager, video analytics and video processing, SightSensors are able to deliver outstanding detection performance over huge areas far and wide, with superior reliability in all weather, climates, and conditions.

SightSensors are available in three different camera series:

SightSensor HD is a dual-imager smart camera for commercial sites and remote video applications. The SightSensor HD uses Dual-Sensor Analytics to detect, confirm, and reject alarms using both thermal and HD color imagers for detection performance day and night. Both thermal and HD visible are available to view. The camera also includes integrated NIR illumination (on most models) for nighttime applications. SightSensor HD detects intruders up to 328 ft (100m) inbound or 656 ft (200m) crossfield.

SightSensor NS is a thermal-only smart camera that detects intruders over large perimeters (up to 600 meters) with outstanding detection reliability, low nuisance alerts, and unmatched thermal video clarity. The SightSensor NS is available in both 320×240 and 640×480 resolutions.

SightSensor TC is dual-imager camera for larger perimeters at critical sites  (up to 200 meters) that uses thermal to detect intruders and HD visible to assess the intrusion. It offers high-clarity thermal video for nighttime surveillance without additional illumination. It’s available in both 320×240 and 640×480 thermal resolutions.

  • SightSensors use unmatched video processing. This gives them accurate detection, longer range, crisp video clarity, lower nuisance alarms and fewer misdetects.
  • SightSensors cover massive areas far and wide when compared to others.
  • Greater coverage means fewer cameras and less infrastructure (half the poles, power, etc), reducing costs.
  • SightSensor video analytics are embedded in the camera, and analyze the full dynamic range of video right off the imager.
  • They’re the only video analytic camera georegistered to know the GPS location of every pixel in the scene.
    • Georegistration lets you make highly precise size rules to filter small objects like animals from causing alarms.
    • You can also define Geospatial Zones based on speed, location, size, and bearing – much more powerful than a simple tripline.
  • SightSensors can auto-steer PTZ cameras to zoom, follow and help identify targets using the SightTracker.
  • SightSensors automatically stabilize the image before video analytic rules are applied. Wind and vibrations won’t cause nuisance alarms.
  • SightSensors are built for outdoors. They can survive the Canadian Arctic to the Middle East desert.

For years, cameras use have employed motion zones to detect the movement of objects in a camera’s field of view. For outdoor applications, such motion zones can lead to an abundance of nuisance alerts because outdoors, everything moves.

For this reason, SightLogix SightSensors employ geospatial video analytics to reduce nuisance alerts based on size, speed or direction while maintaining a high probability of detection. Geospatial analytics also let you create very flexible security policies according to the application.

One example is the SightSensor’s “From To Zone” that only triggers an alarm when an intruder is detected in one area of the scene moving towards another defined zone, such as towards a fence, or only from a fence, and other flexible analytic options.

Video and target information, GPS-location, speed, location, bearing, and other data is sent from the SightSensor over the network to a Video Management System (VMS) or Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system for display and alarm management.

SightSensors are compatible with most major VMS and PSIM systems. Click here for our current VMS integrations.

Yes. Thermal SightSensors are available in several fixed lenses depending on the distance required. SightSurvey is used to determine the correct focal length to ensure proper coverage at each area of your site’s perimeter.

SightSensors draw about 12 watts of power for basic operation and work over standard 24V VAC or PoE. If you need to use the external heater for very icy conditions, they draw an additional 20W (32W total, 24V VAC/DC only).

SightSensor HD cameras draw 6 watts of power for basic operation, and work over standard 24V VAC/DC or PoE. If you need to use the external heater for very icy conditions, they draw an additional 20W. If you use the NIR illumination, they draw an additional 6 watts (34 watts total, 24V VAC/DC only).

Standard SightSensors use a 320×240 thermal imager to detect intruders over very large distances; SightSensor XA’s use a 640×480 imager to detect intruders over very large areas. SightSensor HD cameras have several different resolutions; use our Camera Selector for details.

SightSensors use thermal imagers and internal video analytics to detect intruders, and present a very clear thermal image, day and night. For up-close alarm assessment in color when using all-thermal SightSensors, the SightTracker automatically steers and zooms a PTZ camera onto the target.

For SightSensor HD, high-definition visible is presented along with black and white thermal (SightSensor HD also works with the SightTracker to steer PTZs.) This provides detection and video verification in a single system.

  • SightSensors detect inbound intruders up to 1969 feet (600 meters). See the SightSensor datasheets for details.
  • SightSensors come in different lens sizes that detect inbound intruders at different ranges. SightSurvey will automatically pick the lens option needed for your project.

SightTracker provides automated PTZ tracking and is usually installed on the same pole as the SightSensor. SightTrackers use the GPS-based target information from a SightSensor for autotracking PTZ functionality to steer and zoom a third-party PTZ (such as from Bosch or Pelco). Fixed SightSensors provide long-range detection, and the SightTracker provides up-close, automated identification.

SightTrackers draw 12 watts of power and work over standard 24V VAC/DC.

There are two options for configuring SightSensors.

WebConfig is an intuitive, browser-based interface for calibrating, configuring and defining security policies for all SightSensor cameras. It includes a range of innovations to streamline the setup process, allowing users to calibrate cameras, configure key parameters and create accurate video analytic detection rules in minutes.

SightMonitor is a Windows-based configuration and monitoring software for devices in the SightLogix system (at left). It consists of Coordination System (CS) server software and one or more SightMonitor clients. The CS server is usually installed on the same computer as the VMS. SightMonitor adds the ability to view SightSensor detection cones superimposed on a geospatial map, showing the location of intruders in real time.

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SightSurvey is a web-based design tool that uses the Google maps interface to place SightLogix cameras on your actual site. It determines lens sizes, helps make sure that the blind spot under the camera is covered, and provides a price quote and camera count.

SightSurvey is a free tool for designers, A&E’s, consultants, integrators and security professionals. Register for SightSurvey here.

SightLogix products are only available through an international network of authorized system integrators and resellers. We do not sell directly to end users.

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