Protecting Cannabis Sites

Protecting Grow-Ops, Dispensaries, and Cannabis Farms with Smart Video Security

As legalization brings greater access to medical and recreational cannabis into more areas, there is an increasing need for robust video security systems that provide reliable intruder detection for cannabis grow operations (Grow-Ops), dispensaries, and cultivation sites against theft.

The stakes are high: Cannabis is a lucrative commodity, and many dispensaries operate as cash businesses, making the entire cannabis supply chain an enticing target for criminals. Not only do cannabis firms and hemp producers need advanced security systems to prevent loss; many governing bodies require growers, storage facilities, processors and dispensaries to implement video surveillance and video-based intrusion detection to maintain their operating license.

Industry Challenges

Properly securing any outdoor site against theft starts at the perimeter, and cannabis perimeter security is no different. Whether you’re protecting a marijuana retail store or a large grow operation, you need to know – in real time – the second a break-in occurs anywhere along the perimeter so you can stop the thief in the act.

People responsible for protecting cannabis sites are often concerned about:

  • Ensuring that people are not breaching large cannabis perimeters undetected
  • Controlling access to the grow areas
  • Enclosing the area in a buffer of surveillance
  • Maintaining a retrievable record of events
  • Detecting activity in low-lit areas at all times
  • Deploying good security best practices to assist with insurance and license approvals

Even with these challenges, SightLogix solutions offer an adaptable, flexible and effective solution to meet the complexities around cannabis sites and eliminate the risks.

Watch our webcast: Best Practices for Protecting Cannabis Sites


Using smart solutions to protect cannabis sites comes down to two foundational requirements – great detection and low nuisance alerts. While these are often the hardest things to achieve outdoors, SightSensors are purpose-built for great performance even in tough conditions.

Cannabis sites across North America and the world have turned to SightLogix smart thermal cameras to address outdoor security challenges for several reasons, including:

  • Our system’s unmatched analytic detection performance, which won’t miss intruders or trigger excess nuisance alarms
  • The power of our system to provide early warning of intruders over large areas perimeters
  • Dual-video thermal and visible systems that provide a layered solution you can trust 24/365
  • Built-in stabilization ensuring reliable detection in the presence of wind or vibrations
  • Operating in complete darkness without expensive lighting and infrastructures

With our suite of products, you can choose the right camera for the right job, creating a complete perimeter security system adaptable to meet your specific needs.


Canadian Licensed Producer

As an example of a typical SightLogix cannabis application, an indoor grow operation located in Canada expanded to an outdoor site to take advantage of cost efficiencies. According to Health Canada, the governing Canadian body for Cannabis, you must be able to detect and verify human intrusion in all weather conditions, with 100% coverage. As Health Canada requires all alarms to be documented and investigated, maintaining low false alarms was key.

SightLogix offered several advantages that became critical components in their decision making, including:

  • The power of our system to blanket the entire perimeter with automated awareness – inside and outside the fence line
  • The great reduction in devices and infrastructure required by less capable solutions
  • Our ease of integration with most commonly used VMS systems
  • Our system’s ease of programming using our Webconfig tool
  • SightSensors’ ability to filter out animals and other false alarm causes
  • Its ability to detect humans in rain, snow, fog.


With a proven track record of providing a high level of security for outdoor sites, our clients can expect:

  • Excellent detection with minimal nuisance alarms
  • Reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs from reliable, long-range systems built to survive the toughest elements
  • A system that is very easy to install, setup and maintain
  • Outstanding support from the SightLogix team

When looking for a solution that provides the highest level of detection performance and that is used around the world to protect cannabis site perimeters, our clients choose SightLogix.


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