Protecting Large Residential Properties: Video Security Intrusion Detection


Large residential properties and estates need reliable, automated intruder detection to maintain the safety of residents and their guests. In addition to being a security threat, intruders can also pose liability risks, vandalize the grounds and building, or steal expensive property such as pool equipment.

While residential owners and occupants want high-level security to keep them safe from intruders, they also want a solution that is aesthetically pleasing and does not stand out on the premises. Another main concern for residential spaces is invasion of privacy. A solution that allows for a secure perimeter, with reliable performance without false alarms, is key to maintaining trust for residents and also provides a stable solution for the security companies which monitor and protect them.

Industry Challenges

Due to the daily life of its residents and visitors, large residential security can be challenging. Developers, security managers, and remote video alarm dealers that secure the perimeter of large residential properties are often concerned about:

  • Safeguarding residents and visitors at all hours of the day and night
  • Protecting buildings and property from vandalism & theft
  • Aesthetically pleasing protection that doesn’t feel invasive
  • Ease and cost of setting up and monitoring the property

Even with these challenges, SightLogix solutions offer an adaptable, flexible, and large residential perimeter solution to meet the complexities and eliminate the risks.


SightSensor smart detection cameras use powerful thermal video analytics coupled with visible color video to provide large residential properties with accurate detection and low nuisance alerts.

Our clients have turned to SightLogix smart thermal cameras to address large residential security challenges for several reasons, including:

  • Our system’s unmatched analytic detection performance, which detects and acquires an intruder in milliseconds – for the fastest preemptive response
  • Highly reliability detection performance all the time – day, night, rain and snow
  • One-click geospatial rules based on size, speed, and direction to reduce false alarms from movement of animals
  • Dual-video thermal and visible systems that provide a layered solution you can trust 24/7
  • An easy to use, remotely configurable interface with one-click analytics and calibration
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with dozens of video management systems and alarm automation software

We work directly with our clients to develop a solution that uses SightLogix smart cameras to provide comprehensive protection. The capabilities of smart thermal camera systems to provide video security are an ideal solution to address these challenges and help to keep large residential properties and their occupants safe.


With a proven track record of providing a high level of security for outdoor sites, our clients can expect:

  • Excellent detection with minimal nuisance alarms
  • Reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs from reliable, long-range systems built to survive the toughest elements
  • A system that is easy to install, setup, and maintain
  • Outstanding support from the SightLogix team

When looking for a solution that provides the highest level of detection performance and that is used around the world to protect large residential properties, our clients choose SightLogix.


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