Hands-Free PTZ Controller

The SightLogix SightTracker is a smart, PTZ controller that automatically positions a PTZ camera to zoom onto a detected target using the information provided by a SightSensor. SightTracker integrates PTZ camera control and real-time GPS coordinate mapping within a ruggedized enclosure.

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Usage and Capabilities

Up-close, color identification details

SightTracker works with the SightSensor to automatically spin and zoom your PTZ cameras in real time, for up-close, color identification details.

Features & Benefits



Hands-free PTZ Control

Spins and zooms your PTZ onto the target – in real time – inside or outside the fence

Target location dynamically updated on SightMonitor®

Quickly identify the location of security violations on your geo-positioned site map

Wide-area situational awareness

Gain real-time awareness of intruders over large areas

Supports certified IP PTZ cameras

Seamless integration and deployment

Engineered for Performance

When steered by an associated SightSensor, SightTracker automatically positions qualified, ONVIF PTZ cameras for up-close identification details. Detected targets are displayed on the SightMonitor topology map, providing the event location for time-critical decisions while recording important detail for forensic use.

A Total Perimeter Awareness and Tracking Solution

SightTracker solves the challenge of manually locating a detected alarm with a PTZ camera over large outdoor areas. Once a target has been engaged, you can take over manually or allow the system to continue to track automatically.

User settings allow you to customize SightTracker’s performance for multiple target situations. Options include:

  • First in
  • Last in
  • Larger/smallest
  • Furthest/closest
  • Slowest/fastest
  • Dwell time between targets

Details & Specifications

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