Video Analytics

Video Analytics for Outdoor Intruder Detection

SightLogix smart thermal cameras use on-board video analytics to detect intruders with great accuracy and reduced nuisance alarms over large outdoor sites.

What makes SightLogix video analytics different than others is the unusually high level of image processing in our smart cameras that filter out unimportant movement common to the outdoors.

Importantly, this image processing is performed in advance of the analytics, a critical first step for intruder detection you can count on.

SightLogix video processing is used to:

  • Stabilize the image and remove camera motion from causing alerts
  • Filter movement from trees, leaves, shadows and water reflections
  • Employ GPS-based analytics that let you create geospatial rules based on size, speed and direction
  • Automatically determine very fine temperature differences in the scene to maximize detection, even under difficult conditions

You can see an example of the SightSensor’s detection capabilities above.

Combining Thermal with Video Analytics

Thermal cameras, which sense heat, represent a perfect a human detector in the outdoors. When combined with the power of SightLogix video analytics, they detect intruders very reliably over the large distances typical of an outdoor security applications. They ignore all the lighting problems that trigger false alerts for visible cameras, like headlights or reflections from water or other objects. They also detect intruders in bright sun, complete darkness, and poor weather, working day and night, making them a true 24/7 intruder detection solution.

The result is accuracy that detects intruders the instant they enter the property, the lowest FAR/NAR in the industry and extended coverage many times beyond other analytic systems. This is why Sightlogix has earned a reputation as the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective outdoor detection system available.

Dual-Sensor Analytics

Our thermal-visible SightSensor HD and SightSensor TC include Dual-Sensor Analytics (DSA), a powerful innovation that detects targets from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy and reduced false alarms when conditions require.

Two eyes are always better than one, especially when they can see different things. Thermal video has long been recognized as an excellent human detector because it sees in the dark and ignores weather, shadows and reflections. At the same time, there are situations during the day where visible video can also detect with high reliability, while offering important scene details to assist analytic decision making.

By comparing the activity of each independent sensor concurrently, DSA detects, rejects and validates thermal and visible activity in real-time, delivering a highly trusted security result.

Video Analytic features of the SightLogix System

SightLogix SightSensors provide advanced detection capabilities covering a wide range of behavioral events. During initial calibration, each SightSensor is automatically geo-referenced to the scene which provides the exact location, speed and size of detected targets. Knowing the location and size of targets is the key for accurate outdoor detection.

When an intruder breaks an analytic security rule that you have defined, an alarm with video of the event is sent to a video management system in real time, giving you critical information to make the right response.

SightSensors provide the following detection capabilities:

  • Up to 64 individual Alarm Zones or Restricted Areas / Each of these 64 zones can have an unlimited number of rules
  • Motion Tracking
  • Alarm detection according to time of day
  • From/To Zones
  • Target Size Filtering – Eliminate objects smaller or larger than a specific height or specific width
  • Wrong-Way Direction
  • Loitering
  • Track certain sized objects, but do not alarm on them.
  • Object left behind
  • Speed alarm detection (either above or below a user specified threshold)
  • Automated PTZ control (with SightTracker units)
  • Selectable tracking priority for Sight Tracker (newer, faster, closer, etc)
  • Dual Sensor Analytics (DSA) for SightSensor HD and TC