Video Analytics for Outdoor Intruder Detection

Video Analytics for Outdoor Intruder Detection

Video analytics is intelligent software that turns a security camera into a “smart” device. It works by automatically “watching” a video scene for the presence of unauthorized activity.  When an intruder enters a secured space and is detected, the video analytics send an alert to notify security operators, along with video of the event and a red box around the intrusion to quickly verify the source of the alarm and take action.

This approach combines the strengths of automation and people in a powerful way. Video analytics never tire, can operate around the clock, in all weather, and can protect even expansive perimeters with just a few devices. These intelligent analytics empower security teams to make decisions about events that the naked eye may not have seen.

Combining Thermal Cameras with Video Analytics

Like many aspects of security, the best results come from having the best information. At SightLogix, our approach is to start with the most reliable human detector in the outdoors – thermal video.

Thermal offers a number of benefits as a detection source – by sensing heat, not light, it can see in the dark, bright sun, and is not affected by weather or reflections. When paired with video analytics, these smart thermal cameras can blanket outdoor areas with automated awareness, giving you peace of mind, as you know that your outdoor assets are protected from unauthorized intrusions.

But even with the best detection source, not all video analytics are the same, or deliver the reliable performance needed while protecting an outdoor asset. That’s because video analytics are designed to detect movement, but outdoors, everything moves, all the time.

The ability to overcome the difficulties and empower video analytics to perform outdoors comes from video processing.

How Video Processing Enhances Outdoor Video Analytics Performance

SightLogix has always maintained that video processing – at the edge, inside the camera – is a foundational requirement for turning video analytics into outdoor intruder detectors.

SightSensor smart thermal cameras are engineered with significant processing capabilities to provide thermal details that far exceed what the human eye can see. A better image inside the camera directly corresponds to better video analytics, because the software has access to more information and can make better detection decisions.

Most importantly, this processing is performed inside the camera – at the edge – in advance of the analytics, a critical first step overcoming the difficulties of the dynamic outdoors.

SightLogix video processing powers everything we do, allowing our video analytics to:

  • Analyze the full dynamic range of a highly optimized thermal image to maximize detection, even under difficult conditions
  • Acquire an intruder’s speed, bearing, and geo-location in milliseconds
  • Employ one-click geospatial rules based on size, speed, and direction – much more powerful than a simple tripwire
  • Filter movement from trees, leaves, shadows and water reflections to reduce false alarms
  • Automatically spin and zoom your PTZ onto the target – in real time – for situational awareness
  • Cover massive areas over hundreds of meters for early-warning detection
  • Employ Dual-Video Analytics that compare thermal and visible sensors simultaneously to reduce nuisance alerts and enhance detection
  • Stabilize the image and remove camera motion from causing alerts

The results are video analytic accuracy that detects intruders the instant they enter the property, the lowest FAR/NAR in the industry, and extended coverage, many times beyond other analytic systems. This is why SightLogix has earned a reputation as the most accurate, reliable and cost-effective outdoor detection system available.

Dual-Sensor Analytics Take Accurate Detection a Step Further

Two eyes are always better than one, especially when they can see different things. Thermal video has long been recognized as an excellent human detector because it sees in the dark and ignores weather, shadows, and reflections. However, there are situations during the day where visible video can offer important scene details to assist analytic decision making.

To take advantage of these capabilities, SightLogix has enhanced our thermal/visible SightSensor HD and SightSensor TC smart cameras with Dual-Sensor Analytics (DSA), a proprietary analytic capability that detects targets from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy and additional reduced false alarms.



Dual-sensor analytic cameras work intelligently to cross-check each other inside the camera, and validate alerts from both sensors in real time, giving you very high sensitivity with low nuisance alerts – and a highly trusted security result.

By combining two video cameras in one, you also reduce the cost and complexity of mounting multiple devices.

SightLogix Video Analytics Capabilities

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Combing Thermal Cameras with Video Analytics for Intrusion Detection

SightLogix video analytics are built to perform at the highest levels and in the toughest outdoor conditions, and provide the following detection capabilities.

  • Up to 64 individual Alarm Zones or Restricted Areas / Each of these 64 zones can have an unlimited number of rules
  • Motion Tracking
  • Alarm detection according to time of day
  • From/To Zones
  • Target Size Filtering – Eliminate objects smaller or larger than a specific height or specific width
  • Wrong-Way Direction
  • Loitering
  • Track certain sized objects, but do not alarm on them.
  • Object left behind
  • Speed alarm detection (either above or below a user specified threshold)
  • Automated PTZ control (with SightTracker units)
  • Selectable tracking priority for Sight Tracker (newer, faster, closer, etc)
  • Dual Sensor Analytics (DSA) for SightSensor HD and TC

What this Means to You

Our customers around the world trust our cameras to protect their most important assets. What it means to you is:

  • Highly reliable intruder detection that won’t miss even in bad weather or difficult situations
  • Much lower nuisance alerts than other outdoor solutions so you can trust the system
  • Long-range performance that reduces infrastructure costs versus other solutions
  • Simplicity of installation, set up and use
  • Powerful video analytics to provide accurate detection

Simply put, if you want the most reliable, accurate and easy to use outdoor detection products, you want SightLogix.

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