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Welcome to SightLogix. Our SightSensor smart thermal cameras are built to perform at the highest levels and in the toughest outdoor conditions. Simply put, if you want the most reliable, accurate, and easy to use outdoor detection products, you want SightLogix. That’s why our customers around the world trust our cameras to protect their most important assets.


SightSensors are purpose-built for sites when you HAVE to know the instant an intruder breaches your perimeter security system.


With geospatial analytics, automatic stabilization, and a toolbox of filters, SightSensors detect intruders – not animals or distractions.


SightSensors are built for outdoor performance, with peace of mind that your important assets are protected – night, day, and weather.


Web-based configuration, automatic calibration, one-click analytics and streamlined connections make SightSensors easy to use and manage.


Discover which product matches your perimeter detection needs with our helpful tools:


Detecting outdoor intruders is one of the hardest security challenges any customer faces. Understanding that every industry has a unique set of requirements, we’re here to provide you with the support you need, from design to camera selection to implementation and beyond.

Check out the many clients and businesses SightLogix has helped with our high-performance cameras and innovative security solutions.

  • Aurora Cannabis Protects Grow Sites with SightLogix Thermal Cameras

    Given the unique characteristics that are part of cannabis grow operations – large applications, often outdoors, where lighting and conditions are difficult to control – Aurora turned to SightLogix to help solve their cannabis security challenges.

    September 15, 2021
  • How Thermal Security Cameras Work

    Thermal cameras, when combined with video analytics, have long been considered the best way to detect people in the outdoors. At one time, they were used primarily only for the most critical sites. But innovations and advancements, along with price reductions, now make them available for more common security applications, like for preventing theft and vandalism. We’ve written this article to help explain how a thermal imaging camera works and why it represents a great choice for outdoor security.

    August 24, 2021