Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring is changing the face of outdoor security, giving construction sites, car dealers, scrap yards, storage facilities, rooftops, cannabis grow-ops, and even electric substations the opportunity to extend sophisticated intrusion detection systems to their outdoor areas.

Remote video monitoring with SightLogix brings value to end users, monitoring centers, and security dealers who sell and manage the system. For the end user the advantages are high levels of security with low monthly fees. For the dealer and monitoring company, it’s an opportunity to expand long-term relationships that heightens your value as a security provider and add to your recurring monthly revenue with a trusted and highly reliable platform to grow your business.

Industry Challenges

It’s easy to protect an indoor space. Set your burglar alarm, lock your doors, and have confidence that your window and motion sensors will detect any break-in and send the police.

But outdoors is a different story. Smart sensors are designed to detect movement – but everything moves outside – small animals, wind, rain – even constantly changing lighting. These can overwhelm a system with nuisance alarms or worse – miss intruders completely. Trying to automate a security solution and provide viable managed services outdoors has long been a challenge – and huge opportunity – for the industry.

People responsible for protecting commercial sites with video monitoring are often concerned about:

  • Protecting outdoor areas with the same affordability and performance as an indoor system
  • Ensuring that outdoor business assets are safe from theft at all times, in all conditions
  • Reducing false alarm signals to the monitoring center

SightLogix SightSensors have been purpose-designed to address the unique requirements for outdoor video services with an adaptable, flexible and effective solution that detects the bad guys and eliminates the risks.


SightSensor smart detection cameras use powerful thermal video analytics coupled with visible color video  to watch the scene automatically, alerting remote operators the instant a break-in occurs. The result is a highly effective solution to stop outdoor business loss.

With long-range and wide-area options, they let you do more with less – delivering trusted, video-verified alarms to protect vital business assets.

For remote video monitoring applications, SightSensors offer several benefits, including:

  • The confidence that your system won’t miss outdoor intrusions, even in bad weather
  • A comprehensive thermal and HD color solution for 24-hour performance
  • Massive coverage area that protects even large sites with few devices
  • Sensors that won’t cry wolf or send unnecessary signals to the monitoring center
  • An easy to use, remotely configurable interface with one-click analytics and calibration
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with dozens of video management systems and alarm automation software
  • Built-in storage and processing at the edge
  • A stable solution you can build your business around

View our video:

Remote Video Applications


With a proven track record of providing a high level of security for outdoor sites, our clients can expect:

  • Excellent detection with minimal nuisance alarms
  • Reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs from reliable, long-range systems built to survive the toughest elements
  • A system that is very easy to install, setup and maintain
  • Outstanding support from the SightLogix team

When looking for a solution that provides the highest level of detection performance and that is used around the world to protect outdoor business resources, our clients choose SightLogix.

Read how a Remote Video Monitoring firm reported 75% reduction in false alarms and lower costs:


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