Protecting Schools & Sport Fields: Video Security Intrusion Detection


Football Field at School Yard

The need for reliable, automated intruder detection for schools and sports fields has never been higher. School facilities represent a compelling target for theft and vandalism, and their compromise can be costly. Unprotected fields pose liability risks should unauthorized intruders use equipment without supervision, while damage to running tracks and football fields can run you into millions of dollars to handle repairs.

Other areas of the school, such as rooftops, are vulnerable access points that need 24/7 protection to prevent calamities. And any outdoor area around the school lacking visibility can be utilized for assaults or other illicit activity, like drug deals.

In reality, even a single undetected trespass can cause a school to incur significant costs, expensive litigation, or even casualties.

Industry Challenges

Due to the large areas, poor lighting, and unique characteristics, school and sports field security can be challenging. People responsible for protecting schools and sports field perimeters are often concerned about:

  • Detecting intruders with impeccable reliability, under all conditions
  • Safeguarding students on site during school and practice hours
  • Protecting sporting equipment and fields from vandalism & theft
  • Liability of injury by both authorized and unauthorized persons
  • Ease and cost of monitoring fields, unlit areas, and large perimeters, at all times

Even with these challenges, SightLogix solutions offer an adaptable, flexible and effective school and sport field intrusion solution to reduce the risks.


SightSensor smart detection cameras use powerful thermal video analytics coupled with visible color video to provide schools and sports fields with automated awareness to stop intruders the instant they access an unauthorized area.

Our clients have turned to SightLogix smart thermal cameras to address school and sports field security challenges for a number of reasons, including:

  • Our system’s unmatched analytic detection performance, in all weather, day and night
  • One-click “Dwell time” video analytic rules to detect suspicious loitering
  • The power of our geospatial system to provide early-warning over hundreds of meters far and wide
  • Dual-video thermal and visible systems that provide a layered solution you can trust 24/7
  • Thermal that sees in the dark over unlit fields at night to capture intruder details
  • An easy to use, remotely configurable interface with one-click analytics and calibration

We work directly with our clients to develop a solution that uses SightLogix smart cameras to provide comprehensive protection. The capabilities of smart thermal camera systems to provide video security are an ideal solution to address these challenges and help to keep schools, sports fields, and those that use them safe.

Security Camera Range for School Yards


With a proven track record of providing a high level of security for outdoor sites, our clients can expect:

  • Excellent detection with minimal nuisance alarms
  • Reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs from reliable, long-range systems built to survive the toughest elements
  • A system that is very easy to install, setup and maintain
  • Outstanding support from the SightLogix team

When looking for a solution that provides the highest level of detection performance and that is used around the world to protect fenced lots and property, our clients choose SightLogix.


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