Chemical Manufacturing and Storage

Organizations involved in chemical manufacturing operate in a challenging environment with expanding regulatory compliance and high risk to the community should volatile materials become compromised.

In response to the challenges, the US Department of Homeland Security developed the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS), a comprehensive set of security regulations to help manufacturers that make, store and transport chemicals ensure they are properly secured.

While CFATS regulations only apply to the US, and do not prescribe specific technologies, they do provide Risk-Based Performance Standards that represent commonsense approaches to assist chemical facilities to reduce vulnerability and manage risk.

As a result, best practices are emerging to help implement the right technologies to defend against the unauthorized release, theft, or sabotage of Chemicals of Interest.

Industry Challenges

Due to widely varying environment of lighting, wind, reflection, and weather at chemical plants, many customers have experienced outright misdetects and nuisance alarms reducing trust in the security system.

Chemical sites are also critical facilities of high economic value – these sites can’t afford to shut down or be taken offline from an unexpected, unauthorized interruption. Maintaining reliable and effective security awareness is paramount.

People responsible for protecting chemical assets are often concerned about:

  • Detecting intruders with high reliability over large perimeters in the difficult outdoors
  • Gaining early awareness about intrusions so there is time to react
  • Protecting internal assets which lack physical boundaries that would impede business operations
  • Maintaining the safety of personnel and the community
  • Liability and negative perception caused by theft or disruption
  • Ensuring compliance with national security guidelines


SightLogix SightSensors are being used to protect chemical site perimeters around the world because they deliver the accurate, reliable detection necessary to maintain the highest level of awareness.

Our clients have turned to SightLogix smart thermal cameras to address chemical security challenges for a number of reasons, including:

  • Our system’s unmatched analytic detection performance, which detects and acquires an intruder’s speed, bearing, and geo-location in milliseconds – for the fastest preemptive response
  • The power of our geospatial system to provide early-warning over massive buffer zones outside, inside, and at the fence – over hundreds of meters far and wide
  • Our system’s ability to automatically zoom and follow a detected target for real-time assessment
  • The ability to provide a video analytic “blanket” of security around chemicals stored inside the perimeter to mitigate possible sabotage or theft where fences would impede business operations
  • SightSensors’ unprecedented thermal video clarity to quickly assess a security event as it unfolds

We work directly with our clients and their integrators to develop a complete design solution that uses SightLogix smart cameras to provide comprehensive protection over these important assets.

The unique challenges of protecting chemical facilities can be met by using the right combination of technologies. The capabilities of smart thermal camera systems to provide video security are an ideal solution to address these challenges and help to keep our communities safe.


With a proven track record of providing a high level of security for corrections, our clients can expect:

  • Excellent detection with minimal nuisance alarms
  • Reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs from reliable, long-range systems built to survive the toughest elements
  • A system that is very easy to install, setup and maintain
  • Outstanding support from the SightLogix team

When looking for a solution that provides the highest level of detection performance and that is used around the world to protect chemical site perimeters, our clients choose SightLogix.


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