Critical Infrastructure Protection

It's the performance that matters. See the difference.

Perimeters are the first line of defense for protecting critical assets, and perimeter security systems begin with detection in mind. Intrusions at high-profile critical sites around the world highlight the ongoing need for accurate, dependable security systems.

Our smart thermal security cameras with integrated analytics perform to the highest standards over large outdoor areas. They analyze the scene for security threats, even in the most difficult conditions, communicating alerts and video of the event in real-time.

Since our inception in 2004, SightSensor thermal cameras have been used to detect intrusions at sites throughout the world – preventing breaches at airports, refineries, substations, and other critical assets.

Our critical infrastructure customers continue to choose SightLogix because they need to know – without fail – the instant an intruder breaks into their perimeter, and they need to trust their security camera to do the job. Every time.

With outstanding detection accuracy, geospatial analytics, deployment simplicity, massive buffer zone protection – inside or beyond the perimeter – SightLogix has earned its reputation as the most reliable perimeter security system for critical infrastructure protection.

With the power, speed, and accuracy of SightLogix Cameras

What differentiates SightLogix Products:

  1. Outstanding analytic performance
  2. Fewer false alarms
  3. Unmatched detection range