SightLogix Unveils Thermal AI False Alarm Filtering

We’re excited to announce the availability of thermal-based AI false alarm filtering into all SightSensor detection cameras, including our dual-stream thermal/video cameras, an edge-based innovation designed to enhance security performance outdoors.

This breakthrough feature is available now and is backwards compatible for existing customers at no charge through a simple firmware update.  

Delivering Economic Benefits: Anyone tasked with monitoring outdoor sites will appreciate the significant value of this AI enhancement to eliminate nuisance alarms. As an edge-based solution, the AI operates totally within the camera, delivering a substantial reduction in false alarms while maintaining the highest levels of detection reliability. 

Enhancing our “Never Miss” Legacy: SightLogix has long been renowned for our robust “never miss” geospatial video analytics. This legacy continues as we integrate thermal AI alarm filtering to virtually eliminate outdoor nuisance alarms while maintaining the highest Probability of Detection (PD). 

Designed to be easy: The essence of this innovation lies in its seamless integration into our existing systems. It delivers a potent combination of ease of use, design flexibility, and unrivaled 24/7 performance. By embedding edge-based AI directly in the camera, you gain powerful security performance over large perimeters and outdoor areas.

Day and Night Reliability: The technology ensures great performance in all conditions – day, night, and various weather scenarios. With thermal AI, we offer the reliability of AI-enhanced detection without the need for costly and complex lighting required by visible AI systems.

Why It Works: Our system employs a highly trained, edge-based thermal AI model. It can be enabled on a Zone basis, allowing for flexible security policies. The camera’s geospatial capabilities are used to determine the appropriate AI range to deliver reliable performance.

This innovation is not just a step forward in technology; it’s a leap forward in outdoor security.

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