SightLogix Dual Sensor Video Analytics

Dual Sensor Video Analytics

Dual Sensor Analytics (DSA) is an innovative video analytic capability developed by SightLogix to improve intruder detection reliability for smart cameras used outdoors. DSA intelligently compares the results from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously to deliver trusted alarms in difficult outdoor situations.

SightLogix has always maintained that thermal video is the best detector in the outdoors, while visible video offers important details to assess the source of an alarm. We also believe that video processing – at the edge, inside the camera – is a foundational requirement for making video analytics a reliable detector outdoors.

DSA leverages these capabilities, using enhanced processing to automatically cross-check thermal and visible detections in real time, delivering what customers value most—outstanding intrusion detection regardless of conditions.

How Dual Sensor Video Analytics Work

Smart cameras are designed to detect movement – but outdoors, everything moves, which can trigger excessive alarms or outright mis-detects for systems not built for outdoor applications.

For example, if a visible camera is used to detect intruders, a car’s headlights passing through its field of view may trigger an alarm. This also happens from reflections or puddles, which trick a visible camera into sending a false signal. This is why thermal cameras have become the solution of choice for video analytics outdoors, because they ignore headlights and reflections and see through darkness, rain and snow to detect intruders that a visible camera would miss.

At the same time, there are circumstances where visible cameras play an important role in verifying an alert. For instance, when a thermal camera detects the presence of a person along a perimeter, a visible camera can add important context to help verify the alert.

Dual Sensor Analytics solves these challenges by automating the best results of both sensors to intelligently confirm or reject each other in real time. The result is a highly capable system that reduces false positives and increases detection reliability under difficult conditions.  DSA builds trust in the system –  when a camera with DSA sends an alert, it’s likely to be an actual threat, and operators can react quickly.

Notably, while SightLogix makes it easier to implement with a single click, under the hood DSA is not a trivial capability. Comparing and contrasting detection results from both imagers in real time, over many frames per second requires tremendous video processing – a foundational capability built into every dual-sensor smart camera from SightLogix.

Benefits of Dual Sensor Video Analytic Protection

SightSensor cameras utilizing DSA technology deliver the promise of using smart cameras to protect outdoor assets with the same performance and trust of an indoor system, providing many benefits:

  • Smart simultaneous comparison of scene details for outstanding detection reliability.
  • Reduced false alarms from common outdoor motion and activity.
  • Reduced cost and complexity – instead of mounting multiple devices, DSA combines two cameras into one.
  • On-board video processing gives accurate detection, manageable nuisance alarms and extended range, meaning higher security reliability and less costs.
  • Reliable operational awareness during the day utilizing the visible video and superior detection at night provides a complete 24-hour security solution.
  • Easy to use, remotely configurable interface with one-click dual-sensor analytics and auto-calibration
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with dozens of video management systems and alarm automation software

SightLogix Security Customers

SightLogix Dual Sensor Video Analytics have a proven track record of providing a high level of security for outdoor applications such as Remote Video Monitoring, construction sites, fenced yards at car lots and rental sites, schools and sports fields, large residential sites and cannabis sites.

When looking for a complete 24-hour security solution that provides the highest level of detection performance, SightLogix has you covered.

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