Thermal Cameras as Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Perimeter intrusion detection systems are literally the first line of defense for protection of people, facilities and assets. It just makes sense that boosting their effectiveness ensures better security overall; any intruder that is detected at the perimeter no longer poses a threat to your business.

And when it comes to detecting intruders, accuracy is the key. Nuisance alerts or misdetects completely undermine your security system. When an intruder strikes, it’s imperative that triggered alerts are believable and actionable.

A number of automated detection technologies including coax and fiber fence sensors, microwave, seismic sensors and radar can provide some level of perimeter detection. However, smart thermal cameras combined with video analytics provide substantial advantages over these alternatives. One advantage is speed, which is so important when trying to stop an intruder. Only video provides the detail to display and record the “what and where” of an alert without need for additional verification systems. Knowing the size, location and nature of an event as it unfolds is the best way to mobilize a fast response.

Perimeter Intruder Detection with Smart Thermal Systems

This is where smart thermal cameras play an important role as perimeter intrusion detection systems. Thermal cameras are a perfect a human detector; they can see over the large distances typical of a perimeter application; and will ignore all the lighting problems that trigger false alerts for visible cameras. They detect intruders in bright sun, complete darkness, and poor weather, day and night.

Now that there’s been a great drop in thermal image costs, along with a great increase in their detection performance, thermal cameras with video analytics have become the solution of choice for perimeter intrusion detection.

“By combing thermal detection cameras with automatically steered PTZ cameras, you gain complete situational awareness over the entire perimeter.”

Of course, despite having come a long a way in providing a very good black and white image with visual details all day and night, thermal cameras are not able to provide the same level of details to match a visible PTZ camera. This is why the best perimeter intrusion detection systems combine thermal for detection with visible for alarm assessment.

To accomplish this, thermal cameras are able to automatically steer and zoom a PTZ camera onto the detected target in real time, allowing security personnel to accurately and quickly classify the alarm.  By combing thermal detection cameras with automatically steered visible PTZs, you gain complete situational awareness over the entire perimeter, and you can deploy a truly effective perimeter intrusion detection system.

When it comes to protecting outdoor assets, you need real-time awareness and accurate alarms in order to prevent theft, vandalism, and other potentially dangerous events. Thermal cameras with video analytics offer the most effective and cost-efficient way to achieve your security goals.

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