SightLogix and SureView Systems Announce Integration

Sureview LogoPrinceton, NJ and Tampa, FL (April 2, 2014) – SightLogix, the technology leader for smart thermal camera systems, and SureView Systems, the leading video-based security automation platform, announce the integration of SightLogix’ outdoor video security system with SureView’s Immix® software platform. With this integration, organizations gain an accurate, automated central station monitoring solution for managing outdoor areas, increasing security effectiveness while driving down costs.

SightLogix SightSensors detect intruders that violate security policies in the outdoors. Immix software operates in a commercial central station or private command center, consolidating a wide range of security products into a simple operator interface. With this new integration, outdoor intruder alarms produced by SightSensors are presented in the Immix interface, along with video evidence of the incident. Security personnel can acknowledge alerts, view video and proactively manage threats, through onsite guards or by contacting local law enforcement. The result is a total security solution that provides actionable information about threats that occur over outdoor areas.

“Viable outdoor security depends on accurate intrusion detection and the ability to video-verify events quickly, at all times and under all conditions,” said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix. “Our collaboration with Surveview provides a rapid, proactive response for managing security through central monitoring services and corporate security centers.”

“As an event based monitoring platform, SureView Systems and our customers continually seek out the best and most effective technologies to verify events and onsite activity. SightLogix nailed it with the SightSensor product. Finally outdoor monitoring is reliable and effective providing our customers with the essential tool for accurate responses to alerts and events. Their technology is a true game changer,” said Scott Haugland, Managing Director of SureView Systems.

About SureView Systems
SureView Systems owns, develops, sells and supports the Immix® product line. Immix® is a video centric software platform designed to receive alarm events from video, video analytics, access control, automation platforms and situational awareness systems. The products are UL Certified in the USA and BS8418 compliant in Europe. For more information, visit

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