Outdoor Video Protection Services Made Easy – SightLogix and CHeKT Partnership

CheKT and SightLogix have announced the integration between CHeKT’s video monitoring platform The Bridge and SightLogix’s SightSensor HD thermal detection cameras. With this partnership, users gain an easy-to-deploy, highly reliable detection solution for monitoring outdoor assets.

The SightSensor HD is a dual-video smart thermal camera that detects intruders with great accuracy in the outdoors, using a thermal sensor for detection and visible color imager for alarm assessment. CHeKT’s flagship product The Bridge is a revolutionary video verification device that offers plug-and-play connectivity between detection cameras and central station automation software.

With this integration, when an outdoor intruder is detected by a SightSensor, the alarm is sent along with pre, post and live video to the CHeKT Bridge, which immediately forwards the details directly to the central station. Security personnel can quickly and intuitively acknowledge alarms, view video details and proactively manage threats in real time.

As a result, dealers, monitoring firms and central stations can add robust and highly reliable outdoor intruder detection to existing platforms in an efficient, immediate and reliable way. By leveraging CHeKT’s extensive software compatibility, the new partnership offers seamless connectivity into leading automation platforms, including Bold stages™ and Manitou®, Dice Corporation, MASterMind Monitoring, Microkey, and Monitor Computer Systems’ Sentinel.

“Deploying a successful outdoor protection service starts on a foundation of intruder detection you can count on,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix president and CEO. “Our collaboration with CHeKT empowers our remote video monitoring partners and their customers with a streamlined, proactive solution for protecting outdoor facilities.”

“By combining the power and simplicity of CHeKT’s visual verification platform with SightLogix’s excellent detection,” said John Milliron, Vice President of CHeKT, “our integration gives dealers, central stations, remote guard firms and end users a comprehensive tool that provides actionable information about threats that occur over outdoor areas.”

For information about the CHeKT Bridge, visit http://www.chekt.com/.


  • How does your thermal imaging detection trigger? Is it changes in pixelation, or is there image and behavioral diagnostics taking place. The reason I ask is, we have an area we’d like to cover which has bushes, shrubbery and plants throughout. Will moving bushes give us false triggers? Thank you

    • Brian, when it comes to false triggers from bushes, our system uses onboard sensors to automatically determine the actual size of all objects in the camera’s field of view. This means they will ignore movement smaller than a person, like foliage and other natural aspects of the outdoors, but still detect a human intruder with high reliability. It’s one of the key differences with the SightLogix system.

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