Remote Video Security for Commercial Sites

Remote Video Monitoring Extends Security Functionality

Smart thermal video technology has transformed outdoor site security. Detection cameras are smaller, cheaper and more powerful than ever before, delivering security results at commercial properties that address common business problems such as theft and vandalism.

However, it is remote video monitoring using smart thermal video security that is driving demand for outdoor services and the remote video partners who provide them. These systems essentially virtualize physical guards through technology, lowering costs while simultaneously enhancing security effectiveness.

For the end user the advantages are high levels of protection with low monthly fees, extending automated protection for fenced yards, construction sites, car dealerships and other businesses with outdoor materials vulnerable to theft or vandalism.

For the dealer and monitoring center, it’s an opportunity to expand long-term relationships to the outdoors and heighten your value as a security provider.

Remote Video Monitoring for Outdoors Opportunity

Millions of commercial sites already use monitoring services to protect indoor areas and are pre-disposed to add outdoor solutions. The key to their success resides in two foundational needs – great detection that won’t miss intruders, and a system that won’t overwhelm the monitoring center with unwanted false alarms signals. Nuisance alarms and missed intrusions can break the business model for outdoor services.

And while it seems simple enough, these two requirements – reliable detection and low false alerts – have been the hardest thing to achieve in a smart solution outdoors.

The good news is that robust and reliable systems like the SightSensor HD are available that detect the presence of outdoor intruders with excellent dependability, even in the presence of rain, snow, high winds, or darkness, while keeping all distractions, like blowing trash or small animals, from triggering invalid signals.

This more effective approach combines thermal and visible video cameras with geospatial video analytics software, backed by high-powered processing. Thermal sees through the dark and weather, detecting intruders that other systems might miss. And by including visible video in the same device, the solution inherently combines the detector with visual verification for real-time awareness.

Such “smart” cameras watch outdoor scenes automatically, and alert central stations with video details when a break-in happens. They offer what dealers and customers value most – an affordable security solution to protect businesses as dependably as an indoor alarm system.

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Remote Video Security Applications

The SightLogix Solution for Remote Video Monitoring

SightLogix SightSensor HD smart thermal cameras are purposefully designed as affordable solutions with outstanding performance. They specifically address the longstanding challenge with automating security outdoors, providing excellent security value for end user customers and the dealers, integrators, virtual guard organizations, and 3rd party central stations that serve them.

As a result, many of our remote video monitoring partners are able to extend their indoor services revenue to the outdoors, allows integrators to:

  • Combine Thermal and Visible in One – While thermal is considered the best all-around detector, SightLogix dual-sensor cameras also include a visible imager, an additional aid for the monitoring center to confirm an alert. By combining two video cameras in one, you also reduce the cost and complexity of mounting multiple devices.
  • Improve Detection Performance with Dual-Sensor Video Analytics, a highly capable innovation from SightLogix that reduces false alarms and increases detection reliability outdoors, even in difficult conditions. DSA applies analytic intelligence on both thermal and visible, intelligently cross-checking each other inside the camera, validating alerts from both sensors, to deliver the best results.
  • Eliminate Camera Movement – A camera mounted outside may shake from passing cars, trucks, or wind. Since cameras work by detecting movement, it’s important to make sure your device remains stable. Outdoor cameras with built-in stabilization maintain a high probability of detection.
  • Combine Audio with Detection for a Strong Deterrent – Many of our partners have found success triggering sirens and pre-recorded warnings when the camera detects an intruder, which can stop a crime before it happens. Since the monitoring center receives video of the event as it unfolds, they can choose to initiate live audio talkdown if the intruder doesn’t respond, which gets the trespasser to leave the lot in most cases.
  • Larger Coverage Lowers Costs – Another advantage of SightLogix thermal solutions are the extended ranges that can help drive initial costs down considerably. The SightSensor HD smart thermal camera detect targets over very large areas, with narrow and wide-area fields of view depending on your detection needs.
  • Know Your Blind Spots – Every security camera has a blind spot that should be considered in the security design. Sightlogix SightSurvey design tool uses a familiar Google Maps interface to ensure blind spot coverage and help you pick the right lenses for your specific site.

SightLogix Security Customers

Remote Video Monitoring firms have found great success utilizing SightLogix systems. Learn more about how one firm reported 75% reduction in false alarms and lower costs.

When looking for a complete 24-hour security solution that provides the highest level of detection performance, SightLogix has you covered.

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