European Rail Company Deploys SightLogix Smart Thermal Cameras for Rail Yard Security

A major passenger rail company in Italy has deployed SightLogix SightSensor thermal cameras to provide rail yard security and prevent vandalism at one of the largest railcar maintenance facilities in the country.

The rail organization serves more than 650,000 people every day and nearly 180 million passengers every year, delivering crucial transportation services for the local financial district and the surrounding region. The company’s expansive rail yard stretches over two kilometers, encompassing an area equivalent to sixty football fields, where millions of dollars worth of trains are stored and serviced.

An Expensive Rail Yard Security Challenge

Located along a busy public highway, the rail yard was experiencing a costly and difficult security challenge. Intruders were able to gain access to the yard undetected at night and cause severe damage to rail cars stored at the facility. Rail vandalism is a great expense; restoring an individual rail car costs many thousands of dollars, while the car must be removed from circulation, leading to more lost revenue.

In the past, the rail company relied on manned guards to patrol the large rail yard, but they continued to have ongoing vandalism problems. Guards in that region of Europe can cost as much as $20,000/month, so this was not only an expensive intervention, it also fell short of meeting the company’s security requirements to detect intruders along large perimeters at all times and in complete darkness.

When a newly purchased line of rail cars was badly damaged by vandals, the organization recognized the need for a more effective solution. Initially, they considered using visible surveillance cameras, and turned to Crisma Security, an Italy-based certified SightLogix integration partner for their rail yard security project. Crisma Security explained that surveillance cameras would still require active monitoring by security personnel, and would be ineffective at night when intrusions were taking place.

“Once we understood the security challenges it was immediately apparent SightLogix’ smart camera system would solve them,” said Donato Preite, CTO of Crisma Security. “SightLogix thermal cameras detect intruders in real-time over large perimeters with a high degree of accuracy, in all conditions of lighting and weather. We were confident the system would not only meet the organization’s security needs, but would also lower infrastructure and operating costs to provide a complete solution to their ongoing vandalism challenge.”

Detecting Intruders with Few Nuisance Alarms

At the rail yard, twelve long-range Thermal SightSensors were installed by Crisma Security to provide automated awareness along the 2 kilometer perimeter. When a thermal SightSensor detects an intrusion, onsite security personnel receive an immediate alarm along with the intrusion’s location pinpointed onto a topology map of the facility. For real-time visualization, Crisma Security placed high definition PTZ cameras which are automatically steered by a SightLogix SightTracker to zoom and follow the intruders, allowing security guards to quickly assess the situation. Once an alarm has been verified, local police authorities are notified to respond and intervene.

According to Crisma Security, the SightLogix solution has provided excellent outdoor detection with very few nuisance alarms. “Maintenance costs have been very low, and the cameras have stood up well to the elements. On the installation side, it’s a very easy system to deploy,” said Mr. Preite.

A Successful Intervention

Shortly after the SightLogix solution was put into place, the technology detected several trespassers entering the yard. The system alerted rail security to intervene and local authorities were able to apprehend the intruders.  As a result of the successful deployment, the organization is expanding the SightLogix system to other maintenance facilities throughout the region.

“Rail organizations need accurate, cost-effective security to protect against theft, vandalism and sabotage,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix president and CEO. “We’re pleased that our technology is preventing intrusions and vandalism at this important site, while also lowering operating costs through more effective use of manpower.”

SightLogix smart thermal security cameras provide an accurate means of automated detection for the outdoors. On-board image processing is used to eliminate nuisance alarms caused by wind, rain, small animals and other anomalies. The same image processing provides the clearest thermal images 24 hours per day in complete darkness, bright sun, difficult weather and humidity. The combination of accurate, automated detection and clear video images has earned SightLogix its reputation as the most effective outdoor security solution available.

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