Design a Perimeter Security System with Google Maps

SightSurvey helps integrators, specifiers and other security professionals quickly and easily create an outdoor intruder detection design around an actual site.  It’s become one of our most popular tools. Using SightSurvey, you can easily model a SightLogix smart camera system on your site and quickly compare the value against alternatives.

Use Google Maps for an Intruder Detection Design

SightSurvey uses Google Maps to create an intruder detection design on any facility. This lets you address typical security issues — like camera blind spots and terrain conditions — and determine areas of vulnerability or coverage gaps. By using Google Maps, SightSurvey lets you gain a close approximation of the final design requirements even before you visit or walk the area.

With SightSurvey, you can set pole height, view blind spots under the camera, and choose which lens you need for the terrain. Even large facilities such as airport perimeters, rail yards or seaports can be designed in a few minutes.

SightSurvey also lets you plan the number of cameras and their optimal placement, and determine a camera’s inbound detection range for different sized objects, such as a person versus a vehicle. You can also use SightSurvey to compare the number of cameras required for effective video intrusion detection around your facility.

Watch the video below for an introduction to SightSurvey.

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