Covering Perimeter Camera Blind Spots

perimeter camera blind spots All security cameras have perimeter camera blind spots, which must be considered in the perimeter design as this area can cover a meaningful portion of the camera’s overall range.

Many outdoor surveillance designs will narrow a security camera’s field of view to increase the camera’s detection distance in an effort to decrease costs. However, doing so also extends the “blind spot” under the camera and leaves gaps in coverage that may extend great distances. The narrower the field of view, the longer the blind spot will become. For example, when you look through a telescope, you can see what is far away but not what is nearby.

To provide complete coverage, each camera must overlap and include the blind spot of the camera in front of it. All effective perimeter security systems must be designed with a “zero blind spot” approach.

SightSurvey can be used to help you select the right camera lens and to place cameras at the correct GPS location along the perimeter to make sure you have covered all blind spots.