How to Choose an Outdoor Intruder Detection System You Can Count On

If your goal is to choose the best performing, most reliable outdoor intruder detection system, it likely comes down to a short set of requirements:

  • You need to know the instant an intruder breaks into the perimeter – at night, during the day, in all kinds of weather
  • You need to know details about WHAT caused the alarm, in real time so you can respond
  • You need to detect the bad guys without overrunning the monitoring center with false signals – and without missing intruders at the same time
  • And you need a solution that is affordable, easy to deploy, and easy to manage – with “point and protect” simplicity – not just once or twice, but over and over again

With thousands of businesses vulnerable to outdoor theft, you’d think these problems would have been solved.

But few solutions deliver these key capabilities in a comprehensive way. Some detect well but create too many false alarms. Others manage nuisance alarms well, but at the cost of missed detections.

At SightLogix, our philosophy rests on a single premise: To create the most reliable intruder detection for the outdoors, while being easy to use and affordable for all businesses. That’s why our smart video intruder detection systems have been used to protect sites where detection matters for nearly two decades.

We’ve created a How-To Guide based on our experience to help you understand the elements that go into the right system – in the right way – so you can choose an intrusion detection solution you can really count on.

In the guide, you will learn:

  • How to achieve 24/7 detection performance at night, in bad weather – no matter what
  • How early warning at the fence lets you stop the bad guys before they reach the building
  • How longer-range/wider area systems reduce costs and complexity
  • How auto-steered PTZs can follow intruders with on-target precision
  • The power of Geospatial Zones – not merely tripwires – to detect on size, speed, bearing, and geo-location
  • And much more!

SightLogix Solutions for Outdoor Intruder Detection

Proven systems reduce vulnerabilities and increase site security. That’s why businesses across North America, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East have chosen SightLogix outdoor intruder detection systems to protect assets for nearly two decades.

SightLogix systems are built to perform at the highest levels and in the toughest outdoor conditions, becoming the solution of choice for outdoor intruder detection based on several key, demonstrated capabilities:

  • Detection: The system’s video analytic detection performance, which detects and acquires an intruder’s speed, bearing, and geo-location in milliseconds – for the fastest preemptive response
  • Early Warning: The system’s ability to provide long-range, early warning of intruders outside, inside, and at the perimeter
  • Real-time Awareness: The system’s ability to produce thermal and visible video at the point of the intrusion, and automatically spin and zoom smart PTZs to follow the intruder(s) with fast, on-target precision
  • Edge-based architecture that passes video and alarms across the IP network peer-to-peer without overloading server resources
  • Powerful processing that analyzes the full dynamic range of the sensor video, providing more data to deliver more accurate results
  • Geospatial Detection Zones based on size, speed, bearing, and geo-location of targets
  • Automatic Stabilization that reduces nuisance alarms due to shake from wind and vibrations
  • Open architecture for interoperability with Access Control, PSIM, and VMS applications
  • A toolbox of filters to manage outdoor conditions at each site

Simply put, if you want the most reliable, accurate, and easy to use outdoor detection products, you want SightLogix.

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