SightLogix Introduces Third Generation Smart Thermal Camera

SightSensor Smart Thermal Camera
Princeton, NJ (March 21, 2014) – SightLogix, the technology leader for smart thermal camera systems, announces the third generation Thermal SightSensor, which takes the most accurate outdoor security solution to mass market affordability. The new SightSensor solves a fundamental economic challenge for the industry. With four times the processing, at one-third the size, and consuming less than half the power of the prior generation, the new SightSensor avails solar and wireless capabilities that reduces most of the infrastructure once needed for video security systems.

“The new, third generation SightSensor builds on SightLogix’ heritage for precise, around the clock, all-weather security solutions,” said John Romanowich, SightLogix president and CEO. “With significant processing and power consumption innovations, the new SightSensor solves the biggest problem faced by our industry today, which is the cost of installing security infrastructure.”

Outdoor security projects encompass many infrastructure expenses that typically dwarf the cost of security cameras themselves. These include plans and permits for construction and trenching, installing electrical and communication wiring to remote areas, and on-site provisioning. The result has been a significant capital investment each time an organization needs to secure a facility. By combining solar power and wireless communications with the most accurate outdoor detection system available, the new SightSensor eliminates much of the installation costs, fulfilling a long-sought promise of using smart thermal cameras as an outdoor burglar alarm system.

With lens options that range from wide areas (90˚ FOV) to 600m distances, the Thermal SightSensor provides high Probability of Detect (PD) and low Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR) video analytics day and night, in all weather conditions.

Major new features of the Third Generation SightSensor Smart Thermal Camera include:

  • Four times the on-board video processing
  • Greatly reduced power, size and weight
  • Support for h.264
  • Audio messages triggered in response to alarm conditions
  • Simplified video cabling and connections
  • Flexible browser-based configuration option

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