Applications for Remote Video Guarding

Now that smart video intruder detection systems are cheaper, easier, and more powerful than ever, new applications are emerging for remote video guarding to secure thousands of commercial and industrial sites facing outdoor theft.

These systems essentially digitize physical guards through technology, lowering costs while simultaneously enhancing security effectiveness.

The key for their successful use is to choose systems that won’t miss intruders – day, night, or weather – without excessive false signals. And it’s these capabilities that have been at the core of SightLogix SightSensors since we launched the company twenty years ago.

Many of our partners are using SightSensor detection systems to solve customer challenges and enhance their services revenue across several vertical markets. Some of the successful applications for remote video guarding include:

Construction sites are targets for theft of equipment, tools, and materials, and may lack the physical barriers to thwart intruders. Smart SightSensors can blanket a site with automated detection around the clock, and alert remote guards when an intruder strikes.

Outdoor theft at industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants and warehouses, can lead to significant losses. Remote video monitoring can enhance security by protecting vulnerable areas like storage yards and loading docks.

Logistics and Transportation: Trucking yards, distribution centers, and transportation hubs are prime targets for theft. Remote video guarding can protect valuable cargo and vehicles and deter unauthorized access.

Auto Dealerships often have outdoor lots that are vulnerable to theft of catalytic converters, tires and other lucrative parts. Remote video guarding provides real-time alerts for suspicious activity and can send help address this longstanding security challenge.

Substations and Energy Providers: Outdoor theft, including the theft of copper wiring and equipment, is a concern for utilities and energy providers. Remote video guarding with real-time awareness can ensure continuity of service.

Cannabis sites: As legalization spreads, Grow-Ops represent a compelling target for theft and vandalism. Video guarding using long-range sensors can help protect these assets, especially in remote or rural areas.

Additionally, any fenced outdoor area where high value assets are stored or rented can benefit from remote video guarding to deter break-ins and theft, for example, equipment rental yards or self-storage facilities.

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Remote Video Security Applications

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