Welcome to SightLogix. Our SightSensor smart visible and thermal security cameras are built to perform at the highest levels and in the toughest outdoor conditions. Simply put, if you want the most reliable, accurate, and easy to use outdoor detection products, you want SightLogix. That’s why our customers around the world trust our cameras to protect their most important assets.


SightSensors are purpose-built for sites when you HAVE to know the instant an intruder breaches your perimeter security system.


With geospatial analytics, automatic stabilization, and a toolbox of filters, SightSensors detect intruders – not animals or distractions.


SightSensors are built for outdoor performance, with peace of mind that your important assets are protected – night, day, and weather.


Web-based configuration, automatic calibration, one-click analytics and streamlined connections make SightSensors easy to use and manage.


Discover which product matches your perimeter detection needs with our helpful tools:


Detecting outdoor intruders is one of the hardest security challenges any customer faces. Understanding that every industry has a unique set of requirements, we’re here to provide you with the support you need, from design to camera selection to implementation and beyond.

Check out the many clients and businesses SightLogix has helped with our high-performance cameras and innovative security solutions.

  • Perimeter Protection Guide for Electrical Utilities

    Critical energy systems demand optimal protection. Highly publicized attacks on substation perimeters bring a sensor of urgency around the need for perimeter protection for electrical utilities, and help prevent unauthorized access, theft, and acts of sabotage. Our guide breaks down the issues and explains how smart thermal and visible intruder detection solutions can improve the utility protection, reduce risks, and ensure uninterrupted operations.

    August 3, 2023
  • Introducing SightTracker PTZ – Smart AI People Tracker

    (March 23, 2023 – Princeton, NJ USA) Today, SightLogix introduces the SightTracker PTZ, a smart camera with Edge AI that automatically zooms and follows outdoor intruders with fast, on-target responsiveness. By embedding SightTracker™ software and AI classification analytics inside our high-performance PTZ, the camera automatically tracks targets without latency or the network delays inherent in other PTZ solutions.

    March 21, 2023
  • New Line of Dual-Sensor Smart Cameras

    The SightSensor TC4 is a dual-imager smart camera that combines the power of thermal detection with the power of visible color to detect targets with exceptional reliability over critical, industrial, and commercial perimeters.

    October 5, 2022