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You’re here for a reason. Maybe you’ve experienced a security breach, done a threat assessment and are vulnerable, or you’re frustrated with the reliability of your current system. When it comes to securing outdoor spaces and assets of high value, detection performance is crucial. Was the perimeter breached by an animal or a person? How close are they to the asset? Where are they now? It’s critical to have highly reliable information to make the right call in the moment.

Performance at the Core

With SightLogix, you have innovative technology and a proven solution on your side—cameras with advanced software analytics, designed by our security-seasoned engineers and video experts to accurately detect intruders with the highest level of confidence, even in the most difficult conditions, with video awareness that paints the picture in real-time.

How We Do It

The team at SightLogix has a long and successful history helping organizations solve outdoor security problems in our unique way. We’ve done the hard part so you don’t have to. This is our point of view, and these foundational elements underscore everything we think and do:

Since security starts with detection, the alert must be accurate.  Because thermal cameras “see” heat rather than light, they’re great human detectors in the outdoors. They see through the dark, bright sun, reflections off water, and bad weather. They also eliminate the complexity of adding lighting, and cover huge areas with a single device.

SightSensors detect intruders with high reliability outdoors through tremendous levels of video processing at the network edge. This lets the built-in video analytics maximize the full dynamic range of the thermal imager, determining very small temperature differences—recognizing intruders with high reliability, even in bad weather.

Thermal Detection (at Left) in Heavy Rain (at Right)

The same processing used for accurate detection also gives SightLogix cameras extended range and coverage, automatically detecting human-sized targets at ranges that can exceed hundreds of meters, reducing complexity.

Long-range SightSensors (right) reduce complexity vs. visible cameras (left)

Smart cameras are designed to detect movement, but outside, everything moves. While this can trigger excessive nuisance alerts for some systems, SightSensors are able to achieve a high level of detection reliability through built-in geo-registration. For example, a small animal near the camera looks much larger than a man hundreds of meters away. With geo-registration, SightSensors ignore the animal while detecting the person, so you’re not overwhelmed with nuisance alarms or suffer missed intruders.

Smart cameras are naturally impacted by wind or vibrations, making it hard to detect movement when the whole field of view is also moving from camera shake. Without image stabilization, these applications can be overwhelmed by nuisance alarms or worse, outright missed intrusions. SightSensors automatically stabilize the video before analytic rules are applied, reducing false alarms or missed intrusions from movement.

SightLogix gives you web-based configuration, automatic calibration, one-click video analytics, guided set-up steps with tooltips and streamlined connection to third-party systems, reducing the complexity and the technical problems of set up and deployment.

While SightSensor thermal cameras provide high accuracy and reliability, visible color can also play a role. SightLogix gives you the best of both by combining thermal with visible in a few ways:

  • SightSensor HD and SightSensor TC use Dual-Sensor Analytics to analyze targets from thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy and reduced false alarms.
  • The SightLogix SightTracker automatically positions a third-party PTZ camera onto the GPS location of an alarm detected by the SightSensor, putting color on the target to help assessment and response.

SightLogix systems can automatically control your PTZ to zoom and track a detected target in real time, delivering critical awareness over large perimeters as an event unfolds.

We take a holistic approach with our partners, supporting their projects every step of the way – from design, to implementation, to ensuring ongoing success after deployment.

Ready to get started? We’ll help you design a system to solve your security threats and give you peace of mind. Contact a sales advisor today.