Automatically Steer PTZ Cameras to Track and Follow Targets

When it comes to protecting outdoor areas, security professionals often have two main concerns:  Not being aware of the risks that are lurking, and not knowing the place and nature of an intrusion should one occur.

Smart thermal video cameras address the first concern by leveraging the inherent strengths of automated systems and people. Smart cameras never tire, can cover large distances, and “see” what the eye would miss. People can then be counted on to make response decisions.

It’s this second concern — the “what and where” of an unfolding event — that has been more difficult to address. Typically, a perimeter intrusion detection system will combine several technologies, including fixed cameras for long-range security and PTZ’s to zoom and follow an object for more detail. The problem is that there’s almost no chance the PTZ cameras will be looking in the right place when an intrusion occurs. Trying to manually locate a detected alarm with a PTZ camera — especially over large outdoor areas — can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

The better way is to use systems that capture GPS positioning data, which is then used to steer PTZ cameras to automatically track and zoom in on intruders, making the target large enough to reliably identify. This information can also be used as forensic recording for post-event management.

SightLogix provides this functionality through the SightTracker. In this arrangement, a fixed thermal SightSensor is used to detect a target, and the SightTracker automatically places an associated PTZ on the target in real-time.

You can see an example below:

Such automatic control is especially valuable for facilities that monitor large areas with long-range detection cameras. known. When steered by accurate smart cameras, PTZ’s can provide real-time information about where a threat occurs and what it looks like. The result is a new dimension to your security operations, ensuring “eyes on until hands” capability over your entire facility.

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